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Katherine Vacher spent many of her childhood days carefully modelling jewellery and figures out of Fimo which were then left to gather dust on the mantelpiece!

Two years ago she realised that she could utilise her talent in the world of cake decorating and delight people with her creations, which could be eaten and admired for days rather than gathering dust for years. Nothing gives Katherine greater pleasure than watching people’s faces as she unveils her cakes to them.

Katherine left her teaching career to have her daughter, Molly, and decided that she could balance motherhood with her love and passion for cake decorating! She is largely self-taught and is often seen with her nose in the latest cake magazine or recipe book! She has taken a Level 1 certificate in Sugarcraft at Brooklands College where she received ‘distinction’ for her sugar paste work and she is looking forward to enrolling on the Level 2 course when time allows. Katherine has also undertaken several courses at Squires Kitchen, Farnham and is always looking out for more which will further her skills. Her most recent was a 3-day course on designing and decorating a 3-tier wedding cake. Katherine based her design on a picture of a wedding dress and the finished piece, a striking black and white cake, can be seen in the gallery.

Ladybird Cakes was born after the first cake that Katherine made was a ladybird. She has since progressed to a great variety of other cakes to suit all occasions. If you look closely you should be able to find a small, sugar ladybird hiding discreetly on your cake.

Please make Katherine aware of any special dietary requirements when you place an order with her