carrot cake
Chocolate Cake
Lemon cake


‘Thank you for the beautiful birthday cakes.  The girls loved the Snow White and Mermaid cakes, so did everyone else at the party!’
Children’s Birthday Cakes
Louise (January 2008)

‘Thank you so much for making our wedding cake.  It really helped to make our day so very special.’
Wedding Cake
Lisa & Joel (August 2008)

‘Katherine, thank you so much for all your efforts on our wedding cake, you’ll be pleased to know that the finished product was perfect!  It all got eaten up rather quickly in fact, it was just as well we got the larger version!!’
Danish Wedding Cake
Chris & Christina (September 2008)

‘Thanks a lot for your lovely cake and all the effort you put into the design.  Your wonderful cake helped to make the day extra special.’
Diamond Anniversary Cake
Sue (March 2009)

‘Katherine, thank you so much for making such a fantastic cake!!  We had so many comments during the day on how it looked, and even more when people tasted it!!’
Chocolate Wedding Cake
Si & Bean (May 2009)

'Katherine, thank you so much for making us such a spectacular wedding cupcake tower. The icing colours were lovely - colourful but not garish, and the sugar flowers were beautiful. The cupcakes themselves tasted absolutely delicious 
- every last cupcake was eaten on the night and the top tier was saved for the lunch the following day, none of it went to waste so we felt it was money really well spent'.
Wedding Cupcakes
Emma  (June 2009)

‘Awesome!  What a fabulous cake.  Glyn was totally blown away by it!  Jamie couldn’t wait to get stuck into the vegetables.  You are a marvel.’
60th Birthday Cake
Pam (June 2009)

Thank you so much for the cake.  My mum loved it.  You are so clever.’
70th Birthday Cake
Sally-Ann (July 2009)

Both cakes were so successful and appreciated by everyone.  Thank you so much for doing them so beautifully.
Anniversary and Leaving cakes
Caroline (July 2010)

‘It has to be said that the highlight of the festive board was a cake made by Katherine Vacher, with a photograph of St Peter’s Church printed into the icing.  Alongside was a sculpted icing figure of Stephanie.  The cake was enjoyed by all present but the icing figure has gone with Stephanie to Yorkshire.  She said she had never been sculpted in icing before and thought it was great.’
Leaving Cake
Taken from the Hambledon Parish magazine (July 2010)

Many thanks for the beautiful cake you made for my birthday arty.  It was a wonderful surprise and what a work of art.  The attention to detail on the quilt was fantastic.  Both the lemon cake and the carrot cake tasted delicious.  Everybody said how much they enjoyed it.
60th Birthday Cake
Gill (September 2010)

I wanted to say a big thank you for my birthday cake, it was fantastic. I couldn't believe how good it looked, everyone at the party loved it plus it tasted great too. I know when I need a cake again where I'll be going.
40th Birthday Cake
Anita (October 2010)

Kate's wedding cake was an absolute triumph! It looked stunning set up and was, to the last detail, the exact image of the one in her head - THANK YOU! And, unbelievably, the cake cut beautifully, too, and has all gone.
Just to say a HUGE THANK YOU for my totally beautiful wedding cake! I loved it, as did Chris and everyone else for that matter! It was exactly how I pictured it in my head! THANK YOU - thank you for all the time you put into it and the numerous emails etc, you really have been a star.
Wedding Cake
Kate and Kate’s mum, who made the cake (October 2010)

Thank you so much for the wonderful cake you made for Simon's 50th birthday. The attention to detail was excellent from the precise covering of the board with photos to the sculpturing of Simon for the decoration. The cakes themselves were so fresh, the sponge cake was very light and the fruit cake was so moist.
The only positive thought I can now have for my 50th is another chance for a ladybird cake.
60th Birthday Cake
Gerry (November 2010)

. Hi Katherine - just to let you know your cake went down a storm. Brilliant, Also tasted great.
Thanks again. I won't hesitate to recommend you should the opportunity arise.
I am DELIGHTED with what you have done. Great job! I'll certainly recommend you to others
60th Birthday Cake
Gordon (November 2010)

Oh thank you SO much! Thanks again for such a lovely cake, you out did yourself.
1st Birthday Cake
Lauren (December 2010)

Thank you, thank you! The cake was amazing – tasted fantastic, I still have some in the freezer!
Wedding Cake
Pip (January 2011)

I was blown away by your cake- it’s fantastic, better than I was hoping, thank you so much - will be in contact with you in September for Daisy’s first birthday cake.
80th Birthday Cake
Sarah (March 2011)

We were SO thrilled with Henry's cake and the amazing cupcakes. You clearly spent a huge amount of time on our behalf and we couldn't have been more pleased. We have some lovely photos which will be a lovely reminder of how wonderful it looked. I am so embarrassed that I never got in contact afterwards but thank you so much.
You really are very clever.
Christening Cake and Cupcakes
Antonia (March 2011)

I don't think I emailed you to say how lovely the cake was that you made for my NCT group. Everyone thought the baby faces were excellent and took their baby's face home! The actual cake was very fresh tasting and delicious. Thank you SO much for making it for me, it helped to make the day special.
1st Birthday Cake
Jo (April 2011)

Thank you so much for the beautiful cakes you made for the retirement party.  The girls were thrilled with the cake and thought it was a great gift.  I hope that lots of guests will be calling me to ask for your number given how many commented on the cake.  The cutting cakes were brilliant too – so yummy.  It was lovely to have the opportunity to ‘work’ with you again. 
Retirement Cake
Heleni (April 2011)

That has to be the most delicious cake I have ever eaten! Hugh loves it too. Thank you so much for making it.  I ate nearly the whole of your lovely cake by myself! How piggy is that – I loved it!
50th Birthday Cake
Sally-Ann (April 2011)

Just wanted to say a VERY BIG HUGE THANK YOU for Daisy’s cake it was beautiful, and very tasty.
1st Birthday Cake
Sarah (September 2011)

Katherine, the cake was a huge success! Much admired by all! Thank you again.
65th Birthday Cake
Chris (March 2012)

What an amazing cake. There were many compliments. There were so many details in the birds, butterflies and fungi. It tasted really good too - such a shame to eat a work of art like that. We have all enjoyed it, and have some lovely photos to remember it..
70th Birthday Cake
Pauline (March 2012)

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