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How should I look after my cake?

You should never put an iced cake into the fridge or an air-tight container as the sugar paste will become wet and colours will run. All cakes are airtight as a result of being iced and will come in a box; you should keep this in a cool, dry room until it is ready to be served.

All cakes are baked fresh and do not contain any preservatives, therefore most will last up to approximately 5 days if stored as described above.

Fruit cakes will last considerably longer, up to at least 3 months if kept in a cool, dry room. Fruit cakes may be frozen but once they are defrosted you will need to remove the icing and marzipan and apply a fresh batch.

Cakes which contain fresh cream should be stored in the fridge at all times and should not be displayed at room temperature for any longer than an hour.

Do I have to have a picture of the design that I would like for my cake?

Providing a picture can be useful for Katherine as it will give her some idea of the effect you wish her to achieve; however, she cannot guarantee that the colours and design will look exactly the same as the original. Please note that all pictures supplied should have no copyright issues; Katherine will not be able to exactly recreate the design of another cake or graphic designer without their permission!

You may choose a design from Katherine’s portfolio and then adapt it to fit your occasion but please be aware that as all of the cakes are decorated by hand, no two cakes will look exactly the same.

If you do not have an idea then Katherine will be happy to discuss your occasion and the overall theme before working with you to come up with a design with which you are both happy. It may help to bring along some colours/invitations/card designs that you have used for your event.

I’d like to make and ice my own cake but I can’t make a topper, is this something you could do?

This is always a good idea if you are on a financial or time budget. Many people, especially parents, like to make their own cakes, especially for birthdays but they do not always have the confidence or skill to create a personalised topper. Katherine will happily make this for you and ensure that it is sitting on a cake card which can then be placed directly on top of your own cake.

Will you deliver and set up my cake?

Ladybird Cakes is happy to provide a personal delivery and set up service within a 35 mile radius of Godalming, Surrey. Katherine particularly likes to deliver and set up all tiered cakes to ensure that the cake is not damaged in transit and that it is displayed at its best.

If the cake is being delivered to a venue then please ensure that you have provided Katherine with the correct contact details of this establishment as any cakes which cannot be delivered and signed for will have to be returned to Ladybird Cakes. You will also need to ensure that the venue is aware of where the cake should be located and have set up a table, and stand (if appropriate) ready for the arrival of the cake.

Do you supply cake stands?

Ladybird Cakes owns a wide variety of cake stands which would be suitable for single-tiered cakes, multi-tiered cakes, cupcakes and miniature cakes. We also own an antique silver cake knife which can enhance any special occasion. Each of the cake stands can be hired out for a 3 day period at £12.50 and the knife for £2.50. You will be asked to read the terms and conditions of hire, sign a hire agreement form and pay a fully refundable deposit of £50 if you would like to hire one of these.

Alternatively you can hire stands from many other shops and companies; however, it will be your responsibility to organise this prior to your event as Ladybird Cakes will not deal with a 3rd party.

Please make Katherine aware of any special dietary requirements when you place an order with her